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FOR SALE: Items from Robin E Midgett
Astron RS-50 Power Supply: Fully functional, only minor cosmetic blemishes. This is the model without the meters. $150 + shipping from Nashville, OBO
Yaesu FT-2000: In original boxes with manuals. Not the D model, MARS mod done, no others, no filter accessories, no mic. $1200, will ship.
DB-420 Antenna: 16-element omni-directional array, severely bent mast, ruptured in one portion, some elements and insulators are broken. The coax harness seems to be in good order, so it’s probably the most valuable piece of the antenna. Perhaps this could be an organ donor to repair another antenna.
DB-420 Antenna: Top half, 8 folded dipoles arranged for an omni-directional pattern. The mast is straight, and the elements appear to be in good order. Shortcoming: there’s no coax harness on this one; it’s just gone.
DB-411 Antenna: 4 folded dipoles on one side of the mast, giving a directional pattern in favor of the side with the elements. This antenna seems to be in good order all around.
DB-413 Antenna: Essentially two DB-411 antennas stacked for higher gain and directivity. This one is in good shape; a couple of elements are tweaked as is the mast, but those can be corrected to restore the antenna to service.
I’m thinking $300 for the DB-411 and DB413 pair. Open to offers.
Hy-GAin Trapped Elements Available TH5? TH7? TH11?: I have a set of four trapped elements from what I believe is a Hy-Gain TH-5? tri-band HF Yagi. These were obtained in an estate sale, so my information is limited to what I have and what I can find on the MFJ-Hy-Gain website. There are two pairs of driven insulated elements and two pairs of parasitic elements, with one of those pairs being long enough to make a 20/15m reflector. These elements may also work on a TH7 or TH11, I don’t know.
All I have for this “antenna” is these trapped elements; no parasitic elements, no booms, no boom hardware. I’m located near Nashville, TN and I’ll ship at the buyer’s expense. Open to offers. $300 OBO, photos available.
HF Antennas: I have several HF yagi antennas available: A pair of Hy-Gain LJ-205BA 4 element 20m mono-banders. There’s a broken element tip or two, perhaps some rusted compression clamps (not all are stainless, most are), other minor details but all in all a very useful pair of kits. No U-bolts for the mast; easy to replace. $300 OBO for the pair.
Three Telrex TB6EM tri-band HF Yagi antennas and associated parts available. I’m aware of the age of these antennas and that they predate modern computer aided design. I’d rather see them put to use than put into the aluminum scrap bin, but that’s what will happen if there are no takers. They don’t break down into easily shippable sizes, so these are pick up or delivery near Nashville only. I also have parts to spare for these antennas. $175 each
Please email me directly. Robin E Midgett