Silent Keys


As a memorial to the men who worked so hard to create this club, we thought it only fitting that we have a page on the club website in honor of them

Charter Members of the Club who have passed on:

Jim Jones, W4LKZ    SK

The first club President in 1972. In honor of him the club now has his call sign.

Charlie Green, W4PSN   SK

Club member and instrumental in putting the first club repeater on the air (147.24) which was located at Highland Academy , Portland TN. 1972

John Thomas, K4NMT   SK

The First Club Treasurer. Also served as Vice President.

Cecil Pryor, WA4YQC   SK

Club Trustee, Also served as Vice President. Put the 147.27 repeater on the air in 1976.

Ken Scott, K4EKE   SK

Served as President, Vice President, Treasure, and Trustee. During the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Julian Crowe, WB4CPO   SK

Served as President, Vice President, and Treasure during the 1980’s. Julian was the only person to hold the position of club “Elmer”. He was responsible for creating in more new hams than anyone in the club.

Thomas Lee, (Tinker) KD4SB   SK

Served as Trustee during the late 1970’s and 1980’s.

Dick Brown, W4VJW   SK

            Club Member

Ray H Worsham, W4WGH   SK

            Club Member

Norman Pryor, KA4NZK   SK

Club Member

J Tom Park, WD4KWP   SK

            Served as President during the 1990’s

Herman Jones, W4WIK  SK

Club Member

Larry Prelog, WB4ZCJ, WD8AGS, KE4PM   SK

First Club Trustee in 1972



Charter members still alive

Richard Pryor, WD4BKY

Ricky Woodward, KA4JXY

Jerry Goodchild, K4DZR