Linked Repeater System

The linked system is part of an interstate linked repeater system. The full list of repeaters in the linked system can be found here. The system is open to all hams, but we ask that you observe proper repeater etiquette while using the system.

Music Mountain (5 miles North of Gallatin, TN)

  • 146.880- (114.8 PL) Kenwood TK-750 + Amp. 1010 feet MSL, Antenna at 100 feet. 92 Watts. Omnidirectional.
  • 444.350+ (107.2 PL) Kenwood TK-850, RX antenna at 180 Feet, TX antenna at 120 Feet. 1010 feet MSL. 35 Watts. Omnidirectional.

Center Point Road (Hendersonville, TN)

  • 444.000+ (107.2 PL) Kenwood TK-850 930 MSL, Antenna is at 120 feet. Directional to the south. 48 watts. Directional to the south.

Mutton Hollow (Bethpage, TN)

  • 145.390- (114.8 PL) Kenwood TK-750 1000 feet MSL, Antenna at 180 feet. 101 watts. Omnidirectional.

Portland (Portland, TN)

  • 443.300+ (107.2 PL) Motorola CDM1550s at 30W, Antenna at 180 feet. Directional to the north.

White House (White House, TN)

  • 443.400+ (107.2 PL) Kenwood TK-850 800 feet MSL, Antenna at 180 feet. 25 watts. Directional to the west. 

Standalone Repeaters

Mockingbird Hill (Gallatin, TN.)

  • 146.805+ (114.8 PL) Kenwood TK-750 720 MSL, Antenna on Water Tank at 35 feet. 38 watts. Both analog and digital (stand alone DMR). Users will have to insert a talk group to use the digital side.

P25 Repeater System

Narrow band audio (2.5 KHz deviation) required. Repeaters are mixed mode, but digital takes priority over analog.

Mutton Hollow (Bethpage, TN)

  • 443.750+ (107.2 PL) Motorola Quantar at 100 watts, Antenna 1000 ft MSL (180 ft). Silghtly directional to the southwest.

Not on the Air

Anderson Ln (Hendersonville, TN)

  • 442.5125+ (107.2 PL) Motorola Quantar at 25 watts, Antenna 560 ft MSL (180 ft).